Sabtu, 17 April 2010

SCAN 2010 Fan Club Calendars

Taken from omonatheydidnt
Credits: SSYY @ +
foto-foto nya MAUT~~
bikin w *dies*
paling suka foto nya AJ ma doojoob .
hahah posenya KEREN .

Jumat, 16 April 2010


hairstylish nya dapet ide darimana yah ??
kok bisa"nya rambut suami w diginiin .
sebenernya gak terima sih , cuma mau gimana lagi

Kamis, 15 April 2010

[TRANS]100325 Minhwan Cyworld Update (2), Part 2

100325 Minhwan Cyworld Update (2)

1. Your name..?
2. What's your school?
->Seoul School of Performing Arts!!
3. Do you like that school?
4.How many very close friends do you have?
->1000 kekeke
5. A friend you like?
6. Your hands are big? If not, small??
7. How many words can you type in a minute..?
8. Your foot size?
->400 kekeke
9. How many cm high were your tallest shoes?
10. Where do you live?
11. The reason you like your mom?
->Because she's a mom kekeke
12. The reason you like your dad?
->Because he's a dad keke
13. Do you have a younger sibling?
->ok *[LOL]
14. If you do, do you like it? Or hate it?
->Hate it kekeke
15. Oppa unnie, hyung or noona, do you have any?
16. If you do, do you like it? Or hate it?
->Hate it kekeke
17. Can you play an instrument?
18. Which instrument do you play well?
19. An instrument you play everyday and often?
20.At this point, do you act like a girl or a boy?
->Both keke
21.Do you like SNSD?
22. Do you like Big Bang?
23. Have you ever been to the Dream Concert?
24. If you don't like "You're Beautiful," do you like "IRIS"?
->I like Jeremy who comes out in "You're Beautiful"~ *[aww XD]
25. Have you ever taken an IMAGE picture?
26. If you did, how much was it..?
->5000won *[About $4.43]
27. What music do you like?
->故Ahn Jaehwan - the things you hold back in life *[If you look up this song in's absolutely retarded LOL]
28. You're pretty or you're you hear these words everyday?
->Of course~
29. Do you sing well?
->Do you want to hear me? kekeke
30. What about dancing?
->Want to see?? kekeke
31. What's your religion?
->Oh my god~
32. How many contacts do you have from different districts? ex)Busan to Seoul
->Around the whole country~
33. Where do you go when you play with friends?
->Mountains or the sea
34. Do you prefer IMAGE pictures or sticker pictures?
->IMAGE-sticker pictures
35. Your reason?
->I like it? kekeke
36. What's a song you listen to everyday on your mp3?
37. Do you have a lover?
->Looks like I don't know heheh
38. If you do, what do you like about them?
->Fur *[HAHAH WHAT??]
39. If you don't, is there anyone you want to get with?
40. Have you ever caught the flu even if it's positive?
->No I didn't~
41. Have you ever eaten [Taminflu]? *[I don't know what it is]
42. Out of all the sicknesses you had, which one was the worst?
43. Do you like going to the hospital?
->Yes I like the smell of hospitals~heheh
44. Would you prefer one who is pretty and attractive or one with a charm you can stare at?
45. Do you read bookseveryday?
->Yes I read a lot and I like it
46. Which genre do you read a lot?
47. Did you read Momo?
48. In Momo, what's the name of the turtle that comes out~?
->I told you I didn't read it heh
49. Are you good at being serious?
50. Do you have a car, where do you want to go?(In our country)
->Can I erase the parentheses? kekeke
51. You have a plane. Where do you want to go?(Out of country)
52. You have a spaceship. Where do you want to go?(Solar system)
53. What's the title of the best movie you've seen?
->The Notebook *[LOL]
54. Why'd you watch it?
->Because I wanted to cry~
55. Who came out in that movie?
->A girl actress I like
56. What type of movie do you like?
57. Why?
->It was the latest kekeke
58. In a movie you like, which actress would you want to be in there?
->The girl who comes out in Notebook keke
59. Your reason?
->I like that girl ke
60. What's a movie or drama they're currently showing in a home theater?
->Notebook ke
61. Why watch it?
->Because I like the girl who comes out there~
62. Why should you not watch that drama or foreign dramas?
->Because that girl doesn't come out kekeke
63. What time of the year is it while you do these questions?
64. What season do I like?
->Fall? heheh
65. Why?
->Because you can feel the loneliness~~
66. From the lottery, what do you like the best?
->Notebook kekeke
67. What do you think about movies based on novels?
->If made well, approval!
68. I'm your movie director. Which actor do you want to pick?
->Lee Minjung-sshi?
69. What's your reason?
->She's pretty...heheh
70. What delicious food did you eat today?
71. Where did you eat?
72. Who did you eat with?
->That actress~
73. Do you like your friend or your lover?
74. Your mom and dad fell in the water! Who are you going to save?(Both can't swim and the water is 10 meters deep!)
75. Your reason?
->Because my dad is a sea person kekeke
76. What do you think about singers who act?
->As long as they're prepared and do well, approval!
77. From what you're studying right now, what's the most difficult to understand?
78. Why?
->Because I hate calculating~~
79. Then what's something easy?
->Taking pictures keke
80. Why?
->Because you just take it
81. How many acorns did you collect in Cyworld? *[I guess it's a collecting mechanism]
82. Don't you want to do more?
->I don't have money kekeke
83. What do you think is wasteful?
->More and more get taken keke *[I'm guessing he's talking about girls...hahahah]
84. Do you draw well?
->I draw well, but when I'm thinking I can't draw well~
85. Hey! You! Are you a guy or a girl?!
->A guy~But why are you using an informal tone? *[the writer of the questions is using a tone aimed at friends]
86. What's the most annoying job you have to do?
->Still using informal tone...
87. Give me your phone number kekekekeke
->I'm about to buy one, a phone.
88. A secret to keep warm during the winter, what is it!
->I put a heater inside my pocket *[LOL
89. A secret to keep cool during the summer, what is it!
->I eat a lot of cold food
90. Reached 90! Something you want to buy right now??
91. Why?
92. The best gagman/gagwoman?
->I like them all
93. If you're an artist, what would you need the most?
->Groundless confidence?
94. Don't you have any thoughts of becoming an artist?
->I'm planning to try~ kekeke
95. If you're casted, will you do it?
96. What type of person are you?
->I told you I'm a man~
97. Your image at school?
->Brave King~ *[he's talking about a video game]
98. The thing you do the most when you're bored?
->I dance kekeke
99. Lastly, something you want to say to your friends!
->Don't leave me~
100. Bye! You answered well! I'll see you next time~^^
->Are you really gonna see me? Hehehe
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Credits: Minhwan's jin @soompi (translation)
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