Jumat, 08 April 2011

My gadget

i just wanna share about my gadget .
i can't live with this stuff ...
hahah .
this is soooooo important for me .

and here we gooooo....

the blue one : my beloved mac from my parents to celebrate i've got ukm .
LOL , i love them and thanks to my broh to suggest this too .

DSLR canon : that's give from my parents too , actually i wanna buy home theater for my room , then me and my mom goes to koperasi to buy that home theater lah kononye~~ and then i saw the DSLR soo , i tell my mom , i won't that home theater i want that DSLR jerr .
hahah , and 1 week later i got it .

something with UK flag : that's y passport . SERIOUSLY I CAN'T LIVE WITH IT , that's my IC for now ( i mean when i live in malay lhaa )

that LV purse : this the important one after pasport , there's my money , credit card , atm card , watsons member and many things lhaa , hahhah .

and the last one : my handphone kekekk~ since i like a busy person , so i can't leave both of them too

Gosh i forgot .
there's another one .
it's my iPod :D

bye :D

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